Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An extremely jumpy, anxious, gun carrying college student.

So I guess its fitting in the spirit of Halloween that I should get freaked out. Here I am at my house ALONE for like the first time in FOREVER and some werido rings the door bell at 9:00 at night.


So like any mature adult, I run turn the inside lights off, turn the outside lights on peek out the window AND...

no ones there.

creepy right? Well I thought so too. I thought it was SO creepy in fact that I am now locked up in my room with a shotgun ready to go underneath my bed. I'm not playing no games here. (and yes that is a double negative)

Well I guess this all shows that I'm a huge scardy cat. Through the many scared calls to family telling them to come over and spend the night with me (and each saying that they love me but sure I am ok) I am still here freaking out. Its so clear to me know just how alone I really am.

I mean really. When it comes down to it, its just you. And thankfully for me its me AND Christ. I know that sounds super stupid but I'm so glad its the truth. I'm not really alone. Christ is in me giving me strength. Courage. And solace in the fact that its going to be ok no matter whatever the turn out.

so back to the scary person who rang my door bell at 9:00 at night (way to late for a social call by the way)..
At fist I thought it was some kids pranking my house.. you know. woo hoo kids right? But really my neighborhood doesn't really have kids.
Next I though it could be some serial rapist/thief/murder.. worst case scenario right?? ya thats me. ask anyone.

BUT it comes to find out that it was the UPS man. Yep. Apparently they run late bc when I finally looked out the window and looked DOWN there it was. A package. Addressed to one of my roommates, that wasn't there the whole evening. So ya. Crisis adverted right??

Ha. Well needless to say that package can just STAY outside until tomorrow morning. I'm still locked up in my bed with a loaded gun.. but I do have a little more peace of mind that A. even though I'm home alone, I still have Christ with in me giving me strength, and B. anyone coming in here is going to get a face full of lead.

Well sweet dreams I guess. Hope everyones evening is going better than mine.

much love,

an extremely jumpy, anxious, gun carrying college student.


  1. Glad you're not dead. :) Or anyone else for that matter..

  2. Haha thanks Claire. and the key word is "yet" I'm not dead "yet" and no one else is dead "yet" ;)