Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Whatever happened to life going so slow and smoothly?! I swear the minute that the first holiday of the semester rolls around and WAM! I am suddenly SO busy and feel like I'm running out of time. Heres what is on my plate at the moment - in no order of importance of course :)

SCHOOL! blah. ok i'm done.

Joking! Actually at the moment I am getting ready for my 3rd pharacology exam for this NEXT Monday, I just had two exams earlier this week. And in reality its not so bad.. except for the fact that pharm is the ONE class that I am worried about! I'm not failing BUT I don't want to push my luck.. if that makes sense??

Engagement pictures!! If that in its self is NOT stressful enough! - Jacob and I will be "photographed" the 18th and i still don't have any outfits yet!! (you HAVE to be a girl to understand this fact!) Jacob is not worried about it but he's not the one worried about his face breaking out, which hair style will not make him look weird AND how in the world am I going to do my MAKEUP! woo. what a stressful/exciting thing - over react much?? :)

Did i mention school?? haha. having a test every week plus assignment/quizzes/clinicals is a little stressful but at the same time I feel like the semester has FLOWN by!

 prayers are ALWAYS appreciated in the school department. <3

AND... well I guess thats really it. maybe its not so bad. and probably a pointless blog entry BUT at the same time its made me feel better. THAT and I will be posting up our engagement pictures the minute I get the hard copy of them after the 18th!!

yaay for cute, gushy photos of me and jacob!! - feel free to gag a little bit from all the mushiness.

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