Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Home

If anyone knows me I am a HUGE fan on HGtv and when I mean huge I mean thats the only channel I EVER watch. So when I ran across my friend Libby's blog ( she was showing pictures of all these different "dream locations" of imagining yourself doing your usual activities in these FABULOUS places I got the feeling that I should do the same. In all reality I got these pictures from the HGtv Dream House website. BUT one day I hope to have a house thats as stylish as these.. if not then something like it.. and on a more realistic budget :)

Aww the perfect kitchen...

Now who wouldn't want to sleep in this room??

I would totally convert from showers to baths for this bathroom!

I would TOTALLY be reading next to the fire ALL day.. hmm


Oh if only if only.. well thanks libby for sharing this wonderful idea. Who knows maybe one day if any of ya'll come visit you'll recognize some things :) 

dreaming away,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Semester Overload

Alright. This is still in first week of "official" classes but for WHATEVER reason I already feel like I'm way behind. Seriously. I'm taking three classes one on MWF and one on Tuesdays and the last one is online! PAH-lease.

But here we are. I've worked ALL day long trying to catch up to a class thats only met once so far this semester. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of paper, pens, and highlighters! Which by the way if you have ever smelled a highlighter it smells kind of sweet.. ever notice that?

Besides that there are some great things going on this semester. I moved into a new apartment with one of my friends I made from last semester and its woonnddeerrffuullll :) its so nice to actually enjoy spending time at the apartment AND have some human interaction. Yeah. You heard me. I have human interaction throughout the week.

To tell you the truth I have nothing to write about. I enjoy the cute backgrounds and the colors and fonts.. conceited right? Well thats the truth.. I think I might start critiquing books that I read.. That might be worth while.. or if ya'll have any suggestions about what I should write I'm TOTALLY up for those :)