Thursday, January 20, 2011

Semester Overload

Alright. This is still in first week of "official" classes but for WHATEVER reason I already feel like I'm way behind. Seriously. I'm taking three classes one on MWF and one on Tuesdays and the last one is online! PAH-lease.

But here we are. I've worked ALL day long trying to catch up to a class thats only met once so far this semester. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of paper, pens, and highlighters! Which by the way if you have ever smelled a highlighter it smells kind of sweet.. ever notice that?

Besides that there are some great things going on this semester. I moved into a new apartment with one of my friends I made from last semester and its woonnddeerrffuullll :) its so nice to actually enjoy spending time at the apartment AND have some human interaction. Yeah. You heard me. I have human interaction throughout the week.

To tell you the truth I have nothing to write about. I enjoy the cute backgrounds and the colors and fonts.. conceited right? Well thats the truth.. I think I might start critiquing books that I read.. That might be worth while.. or if ya'll have any suggestions about what I should write I'm TOTALLY up for those :)


  1. I always wondered why the tip of your nose had a yellow tint... :P I'm thinking about starting a blog too so I can chronicle my journey to Tasmania. How did you make yours?
    Hope that you'll keep up with me, for I'll do my best to keep up with you :)

    Lance Trevino

  2. i totally get your frustration about what to write because that is exactly why i haven't been able to keep up with a blog (yes i actually do have a blog right now in cyber space hehe)... i had to start one for a class and once the semester ended i stopped writing in it lol. one of my friends is doing this cool thing on facebook where she takes a picture every day, says the highlights of the day, talks about what the lord taught her that day and shares a scripture that was meaningful that day. i am thinking about stealing the idea because it gives me an outline! but i don't think i can manage it every single day!! just an idea. ps come visittt meeee i wasn't kiddingggggggg :)