Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Holidays are back!! And now after a successful and might I say wonderful Thanksgiving with Jacob's family it's time to start kicking it into high gear for CHRISTMAS!! woo hoo! Santa! Food! Lights! Cold! Food! Family!  Food!... FOOD.

Geeze thats the problem huh? Where did all of my gusto for being fit and thin for my wedding go?! Well I actually know.. I LOVE FOOD and the Holidays are the WORST!

Seriously. It's not that I eat because I have too.. it's because I seriously enjoy eating. Food is just.. so GOOD.

I realized how bad it was when Jacob and I were discussing honeymoon destinations with our Travel Agent in Corpus Christi. I got SO excited about all inclusive packages not because of where it was but because... FOOD IS FREE!! haha. oh geeze. Just talking about it makes me so excited!

We are planning to go somewhere tropical and all I could think about was free drinks, free food, anytime, to our room, to the beach AH!

Now thats not the ONLY thing that I'm looking forward to of course. GEEZE. Don't make me say it.

BUT! Jacob did have a good point. I might as well work out and get fit so I am more comfortable on the beach in a swim suit THAT WAY I can ENJOY the food and not be self conscious for eating so much deliciously tropically goodness. It can be like a reward for being so healthy. HA! Sometimes that boy really gets me. AND he knows what I really care about even when I don't want to care about it then.. confusing huh?

But back to Holidays.. I'll be needing TONS and TONS of prayer if I am to make it through this holiday without stuffing my face with all the christmas goodies!! And the fact that somehow when it's cold outside I really just don't want to leave my house!! ... blah! - I feel like I'm a hibernating bear or something.. :/

Well theres my rant.. I write this as I am REALLY regretting the Chick Fillet I just ate.. oh dear.

I might just need a Christmas Miracle.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Engagement Pictures!!

Well it finally happened. Me and Jacob had engagement pictures by the WONDERFUL Brynne Owen (you should totally check her out on facebook - Brynne Owen Photography) and even though I was in SUPER high stress mode and a little tense the pictures came out wonderuflly! SO here are a few that are MY favorite :) if you haven't seen the rest look on facebook!!

{I think this one is super sweet}

{Trying to calm me down.. haha}

{My personal favorite.. well one of them anyways}

{Looks like I highlighted my hair BUT i totally didn't.. its just that beautiful} haha 




{Look at those baby blues!!}

{totally awkward kisses in front of a camera.. for me a least} 

{Another one of my favorites - and Jacob's super cool outfit that he picked out for us}

{My family LOVES this one!! - seriously.. they're ridiculous}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miscellaneous Wednesday Night

Tonight is one of those nights where I really don't have a single complete thought about anything. I start to write about one thing then I want to write about another. So I have decided to write about a couple of things that I have been on my mind recently that really have no relation to each other what so ever.

Number One - Occupy Wallstreet.

Alright, we've all heard about the millions of people of people that have been living out in the streets protesting the injustice of.. well everything.

Ok I know this video is extremely ridiculous. and yes a lot of people have real legitimate concerns about the government and how it is run but heres the problem. When there are SO many voices screaming about so many different things - how do you expect the government to listen/respond? Its impossible. If the Occupy Wallstreet movement really wanted to see things done then they need a united front. I think that if they all rallied for one thing, the government would have to listen. And once that had been dealt with move to the next thing. - hey just my opinion.. maybe i like organization too much.


 any one?? because the muppets were my FAVORITE tv show EVER!! I love the Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, The Muppet Movie.. geeeze. I love them all. seriously you can ask anyone. my favorite is how they dance... is that weird?? I love kermit and miss piggy.. and rizzo the rat.. and of course gonzo.. ah. my DREAM would be if they still have the muppet show and i could be the guest on the show.. that would be so COOL (squeak!)

Number Three.. THANKSGIVING!

This year Jacob and I are having Thanksgiving down in South Texas with his family and we are SO excited!! Jacob really misses his family since he's moved up here and I don't blame him at all! Family is so important and is such a great support system that I know its extremely hard for him not to be closer. and besides, his family is AWESOME! its so much fun to be able to know that the family you are marrying into are so supportive, sweet, and SO much fun. I just can't wait to see them in a couple of weeks!!

Oh and speaking of Thanksgiving. CELEBRATE ONE THING AT A TIME!! its thanksgiving. the day AFTER thanksgiving I will play christmas music but NOT ONE DAY SOONER! :) - sorry. pet peeve.

And thats it. Ha. I told you nothing I had to say was related at all.. except by the fact that I had been thinking about those things recently :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful November!!

lots of love -


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Whatever happened to life going so slow and smoothly?! I swear the minute that the first holiday of the semester rolls around and WAM! I am suddenly SO busy and feel like I'm running out of time. Heres what is on my plate at the moment - in no order of importance of course :)

SCHOOL! blah. ok i'm done.

Joking! Actually at the moment I am getting ready for my 3rd pharacology exam for this NEXT Monday, I just had two exams earlier this week. And in reality its not so bad.. except for the fact that pharm is the ONE class that I am worried about! I'm not failing BUT I don't want to push my luck.. if that makes sense??

Engagement pictures!! If that in its self is NOT stressful enough! - Jacob and I will be "photographed" the 18th and i still don't have any outfits yet!! (you HAVE to be a girl to understand this fact!) Jacob is not worried about it but he's not the one worried about his face breaking out, which hair style will not make him look weird AND how in the world am I going to do my MAKEUP! woo. what a stressful/exciting thing - over react much?? :)

Did i mention school?? haha. having a test every week plus assignment/quizzes/clinicals is a little stressful but at the same time I feel like the semester has FLOWN by!

 prayers are ALWAYS appreciated in the school department. <3

AND... well I guess thats really it. maybe its not so bad. and probably a pointless blog entry BUT at the same time its made me feel better. THAT and I will be posting up our engagement pictures the minute I get the hard copy of them after the 18th!!

yaay for cute, gushy photos of me and jacob!! - feel free to gag a little bit from all the mushiness.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An extremely jumpy, anxious, gun carrying college student.

So I guess its fitting in the spirit of Halloween that I should get freaked out. Here I am at my house ALONE for like the first time in FOREVER and some werido rings the door bell at 9:00 at night.


So like any mature adult, I run turn the inside lights off, turn the outside lights on peek out the window AND...

no ones there.

creepy right? Well I thought so too. I thought it was SO creepy in fact that I am now locked up in my room with a shotgun ready to go underneath my bed. I'm not playing no games here. (and yes that is a double negative)

Well I guess this all shows that I'm a huge scardy cat. Through the many scared calls to family telling them to come over and spend the night with me (and each saying that they love me but sure I am ok) I am still here freaking out. Its so clear to me know just how alone I really am.

I mean really. When it comes down to it, its just you. And thankfully for me its me AND Christ. I know that sounds super stupid but I'm so glad its the truth. I'm not really alone. Christ is in me giving me strength. Courage. And solace in the fact that its going to be ok no matter whatever the turn out.

so back to the scary person who rang my door bell at 9:00 at night (way to late for a social call by the way)..
At fist I thought it was some kids pranking my house.. you know. woo hoo kids right? But really my neighborhood doesn't really have kids.
Next I though it could be some serial rapist/thief/murder.. worst case scenario right?? ya thats me. ask anyone.

BUT it comes to find out that it was the UPS man. Yep. Apparently they run late bc when I finally looked out the window and looked DOWN there it was. A package. Addressed to one of my roommates, that wasn't there the whole evening. So ya. Crisis adverted right??

Ha. Well needless to say that package can just STAY outside until tomorrow morning. I'm still locked up in my bed with a loaded gun.. but I do have a little more peace of mind that A. even though I'm home alone, I still have Christ with in me giving me strength, and B. anyone coming in here is going to get a face full of lead.

Well sweet dreams I guess. Hope everyones evening is going better than mine.

much love,

an extremely jumpy, anxious, gun carrying college student.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back again!

Here I am. Back again at the blogging idea. Its been over 8 months since my last blog entry and I'm like say WHAT?! The world did not fall apart without my insight into my small little world?! amazing. 

Well things have certainty changed a lot since last February, for one I am actually IN nursing school and no longer just a "pre" nursing student and i LOVE IT! I love that God gave me a heart that enjoys taking care of people and doing things that will help them on the road of recovery. Yes a lot of the things I do are not glamorous but there is such a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day that its worth it. Classes are tough but I seem to be doing well.. not failing anything.. yet.. ;)

Well if you hadn't figured it out by now I AM GETTING MARRIED!!! Jacob proposed August 10th of this year at Camp Zephyr in the prayer garden (after an extremely stressful scavenger hunt.. oh lord). But I said yes and we are happily planning our wedding in May for next year. I'm excited. He's excited. My family is excited. We're all excited!!  And just to show off here is a picture of my ring!! :) 

AH! so yay for pretty rings and handsome guys who propose! :)

AND... besides going to school. working out. planning my wedding. I got nothing for ya. I'm enjoying the time in my life right now when things are busy but simple at the same time. 

I'll try to report back with some more interesting things besides just showing pictures of my ring.. haha. I'll try to hold that back from the next post!! 

much love!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Come to Earth

Was reading through Matthew and came across this neat insert of a man's perspective of why God would come to earth. Hope ya'll like it as much as I did :)

Paul Harvey tells a modern parable about a religious skeptic who worked as a farmer. One raw winter night the man heard an irregular thumping sound against the kitchen storm door. He went to a window and watched as tiny, shivering sparrows, attracted to the evident warmth inside, beat in vain against the glass.

Touched, the farmer bundled up and trudged through fresh snow to open the barn door for the struggling birds. He turned on the lights and tossed some hay in a corner. But the sparrows, which had scattered in all directions when he emerged from the house, hid in the darkness, afraid.

The man tried various tactics to get them into the barn. He laid down a trail of Saltine cracker crumbs to direct them. he tried circling behind the birds to drive them toward the barn. Nothing worked. He, a huge, alien creature, had terrified them; the birds couldn't comprehend that he actually desired to help them.

The farmer withdrew to his house and watched the doomed sparrows through a window. As he stared, a thought hit: If only I could become a bird - one of them - just for a moment. Then I wouldn't frighten them so. I could show them the way to warmth and safety.

At the same moment, another thought dawned on him. He had grasped the reason Jesus was born. 

A voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." - Matthew 3:17

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I like books. If you know me then that really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. This year, even though its only February, I have read some GREAT books this semester. Some people would think that because I'm in school I wouldn't have time to read.. HA what silliness. So before I lose everyone, here is a brief list of the books I've read this year... and yes if you were to pick what type of books I've read I would say Teen, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure. You might say, "Rachel, your a Junior in college.. grow up with you reading material." And you know what I'd say in return? Who in the world wants to read something that has to do with the actual reality?? NOT me. I'd rather read some light "fluff" and enjoy the nice break that reading gives me. SO heres the list. Don't judge me. You may end up reading one of these books and loving them :)

The first book I read this year was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; great read if not a little on the dark side. This series has a total of 3 books that are all pretty entertaining.

This is by far my FAVORITE read this year. If you like the Twilight books then you LOVE this one. It pretty much has the same "teenage love" romance (rated G of course) just set in an Indian culture. Still its a great story and a FAST read. 

This next one is a series that my sister Kathryn loved so I had to read them too. Defiantly good and fast reads. I read them each in about a day and whats great about the whole thing is that there are about 3 more books being written in the series. I'm a sucker for books I know will have a sequel. 

Alright, BECAUSE I loved the last series I read I thought I'd give her other books a try as well. Its pretty much about the same content as the other series but set in a different time.. ya I got suckered into this book. BUT it was definitely good but I wouldn't say as good as the other series. This book also has a sequel in the making as well. WHICH I still plan on buying :) 

Alright. This next series is A LOT different then the others that I've read. Murder mysteries. Slight hint of a love interest. Set in Main. BUT totally good. A good read if you wanting to waste time or read so you can go to sleep.. doesn't sound great but at the same time this is a great book that you won't have to stay up thinking about whats going to happen next. Sometimes you need those books that are just chill. And this is a great one. 

TADAAH! This is the one that I'm currently reading. My church is reading the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in 3 years. I know that sounds like a lot BUT we just finished Genesis and I'm really getting a lot out of it and am LOVING it. Of course I try to read The Bible regularly BUT with an actual set itinerary or when I'm suppose to read what has been great. This February we're reading through Matthew and I'm PUMPED!! 

Aight dawgs, that is my book list for this year so far. I hope that you enjoyed it and that maybe you'll try some of these books that I've suggested! 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Home

If anyone knows me I am a HUGE fan on HGtv and when I mean huge I mean thats the only channel I EVER watch. So when I ran across my friend Libby's blog ( she was showing pictures of all these different "dream locations" of imagining yourself doing your usual activities in these FABULOUS places I got the feeling that I should do the same. In all reality I got these pictures from the HGtv Dream House website. BUT one day I hope to have a house thats as stylish as these.. if not then something like it.. and on a more realistic budget :)

Aww the perfect kitchen...

Now who wouldn't want to sleep in this room??

I would totally convert from showers to baths for this bathroom!

I would TOTALLY be reading next to the fire ALL day.. hmm


Oh if only if only.. well thanks libby for sharing this wonderful idea. Who knows maybe one day if any of ya'll come visit you'll recognize some things :) 

dreaming away,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Semester Overload

Alright. This is still in first week of "official" classes but for WHATEVER reason I already feel like I'm way behind. Seriously. I'm taking three classes one on MWF and one on Tuesdays and the last one is online! PAH-lease.

But here we are. I've worked ALL day long trying to catch up to a class thats only met once so far this semester. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of paper, pens, and highlighters! Which by the way if you have ever smelled a highlighter it smells kind of sweet.. ever notice that?

Besides that there are some great things going on this semester. I moved into a new apartment with one of my friends I made from last semester and its woonnddeerrffuullll :) its so nice to actually enjoy spending time at the apartment AND have some human interaction. Yeah. You heard me. I have human interaction throughout the week.

To tell you the truth I have nothing to write about. I enjoy the cute backgrounds and the colors and fonts.. conceited right? Well thats the truth.. I think I might start critiquing books that I read.. That might be worth while.. or if ya'll have any suggestions about what I should write I'm TOTALLY up for those :)