Monday, January 24, 2011

Dream Home

If anyone knows me I am a HUGE fan on HGtv and when I mean huge I mean thats the only channel I EVER watch. So when I ran across my friend Libby's blog ( she was showing pictures of all these different "dream locations" of imagining yourself doing your usual activities in these FABULOUS places I got the feeling that I should do the same. In all reality I got these pictures from the HGtv Dream House website. BUT one day I hope to have a house thats as stylish as these.. if not then something like it.. and on a more realistic budget :)

Aww the perfect kitchen...

Now who wouldn't want to sleep in this room??

I would totally convert from showers to baths for this bathroom!

I would TOTALLY be reading next to the fire ALL day.. hmm


Oh if only if only.. well thanks libby for sharing this wonderful idea. Who knows maybe one day if any of ya'll come visit you'll recognize some things :) 

dreaming away,



  1. *sigh* one day Rachel. One day people will take pictures of our gorgeous houses and put them up on their blogs. :)))

  2. haha yes one day :) thanks abby for reading :)

  3. awww, thanks Rach! it's such an easy way to post and a fun way to get to know each others likes. :)