Monday, October 24, 2011

Back again!

Here I am. Back again at the blogging idea. Its been over 8 months since my last blog entry and I'm like say WHAT?! The world did not fall apart without my insight into my small little world?! amazing. 

Well things have certainty changed a lot since last February, for one I am actually IN nursing school and no longer just a "pre" nursing student and i LOVE IT! I love that God gave me a heart that enjoys taking care of people and doing things that will help them on the road of recovery. Yes a lot of the things I do are not glamorous but there is such a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day that its worth it. Classes are tough but I seem to be doing well.. not failing anything.. yet.. ;)

Well if you hadn't figured it out by now I AM GETTING MARRIED!!! Jacob proposed August 10th of this year at Camp Zephyr in the prayer garden (after an extremely stressful scavenger hunt.. oh lord). But I said yes and we are happily planning our wedding in May for next year. I'm excited. He's excited. My family is excited. We're all excited!!  And just to show off here is a picture of my ring!! :) 

AH! so yay for pretty rings and handsome guys who propose! :)

AND... besides going to school. working out. planning my wedding. I got nothing for ya. I'm enjoying the time in my life right now when things are busy but simple at the same time. 

I'll try to report back with some more interesting things besides just showing pictures of my ring.. haha. I'll try to hold that back from the next post!! 

much love!



  1. Yay! Welcome back! I have definitely missed your wisdom/insights. :) That ring is NUTS BEAUTIFUL. I don't mind seeing more pics of it...

  2. Haha thanks Abby :) I have defiantly calmed down about the whole engagement thing since last time you saw me :) haha