Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Believe it or not it is now officially December 1st 2010 and I for one am totally FREAKING OUT! Where did the whole year go too? What happened to summer and being tan?? My computer says that its 48 degrees outside, my skin is translucent and somehow I've gained 5 pounds from Thanksgiving food. So I guess I can be "thankful" that I now have some extra fluff weight to keep me warm all winter? Maybe I should be a chipmunk and start collecting nuts.

Well wether I like it or not December is in fact here and its getting closer and closer to CHRISTMAS which means MORE food and MORE spending. BUT in one more attempt at being thankful I'll go through the year and list some things I'm extremely thankful for..

I'm thankful for:

Getting to live with Elizabeth, Rhonda, and the cat Reggie in College Station for a semester, it was WAY too much fun.

Finally getting along with my sister Kathryn.. I guess I finally had to move out for us to get along!!

Getting to hang out with these beautiful ladies at Camp Zephyr this past summer!! And is STILL thankful that we all still keep in touch! 

Getting to take crazy beach trips with Summers and Bekka!! Love those girls <3 (that is when they're not taking pictures of me sleeping.. erg) 

AND I'm thankful for transferring to UT Tyler so I could be nearer to this crazy bunch of relatives!

So there is is for my first blog post.. I hope i didn't COMPLETELY waste you time :) I'll try to update this weekly.. thats a goal not a plan :) 


  1. You're so cute! I love that you started a blog. I look forward to keeping up with your way cool life:)

  2. I like this alot. I am thankful that you are doing a blog. I look forward to reading them all the time. Love you babe.

  3. I'm not sure how I got here ....

  4. YESSSSSSS! I'm so so glad you are blogging! Not just because I have another follower that is not related to me...that's not the only reason. :))) Seriously though, how fun. I'm excited to keep up with your little life.

  5. ........i still dont see any mentioning of ones brother or fun Uncle.....