Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thinking forward

Trying to write a blog is much harder than it appears. For one thing: what in the world am I going to blog about?? I feel like people have these amazing lives and adventures and these awesome pictures and me.. well i have nothing. I pretty much stay in Tyler during the week. Go to school. Hang out with my one friend Beth (thank the LORD I have her) and then when my brother takes pity on me he'll invite me over. On occasion I get to hang out with my Uncle Andrew and his family which is a huge excitement when that happens but really my life at this point is pretty boring.

It seems that at this point in my life everything of importance is still somehow in the future. Like an unreachable goal that just taunts me while I sit here being BORED. If you haven't caught on to this theme I'm completely bored out of my mind here. WHICH could be the reason for the melancholy mood of this blog. But we all have our days right?

But this is why I look to the future. It seems like I have so many BIG changes coming up that maybe when looking back I'll be glad for this time of boredom.. or I guess "relaxation".

For one thing I "officially" start my pre-nursing classes this next semester.. true its only 2 classes and one is online BUT still. I'm officially legit.

I guess sooner than that I get to go back to Zephyr for the WINTER RETREAT!! Where we all get to hang out with some of the most "coolest" people ever! AND we get to dress up as mythical things for our Mythical Christmas Party. Pretty Much the highlight of my break! (besides Christmas of course)

Probably the BIGGEST change is that Jacob will be moving from Corpus all the way UP to east texas to work at Sky Ranch in Van! I think I'm past the point of being excited now to just freaking out! We are actually going to "date" in the same area.. a REAL relationship of seeing each other more than once a month.. slightly terrifying. BUT extremely thankful that God has let things work out as they have.

So I guess in a way this time of peace, relaxation, and frankly boredom is welcome. I'm going to have plenty of time to freak out and worry next year. And maybe by then I'll have more interesting things to post on my blog.. well.. maybe.

 - Rachel Marie


  1. So excited for you two! After almost FIVE years of dating, I'm finally in the same place as Luke. Although there are many adjustments, there are just as many blessings. You're going to LOVE it! Looking forward to seeing you at Winter Retreat sweet girl:)

  2. AW thanks sara!! i might be calling you for some advice once january comes!! :) see you soon! :)