Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 happenings

2012 is FINALLY HERE!! .... 12 days ago. AND there are tons of things happening this year that i thought were worth mentioning.

last friday i turned 22 years old. and in all honesty i was completely BUMMED out.

18 - was all i looked forward too. finally an adult yet still a kid
21 - hey, if i wanted to drink alcohol (which i almost never want too.. its a taste thing) i could
22 - ..... after 22 what do you look forward  to after that?? 25? 30? getting older?!

birthdays just aren't as fun as they used to be.

today i started my 2nd semester in NURSING SCHOOL!! woo stinkin hoo!!

nursing school is going to be hard BUT hopefully it will be worth it, just trying have faith that all of this is worth it... prayers please!!

in other and MAJOR news. i am getting married in 4 months!!! ah! weird right?!?!

planning has been going great, not stressful at all except for picking out invitations (TOO MANY CHOICES!!)

AND jacob and i are way excited to be getting married - even if that means leaving my childhood days behind.. yes you can tell i am sulking slightly.
i am WAY too comfortable living with my parents during the summers, swimming in the pool, being included on family vacations, free meals.. getting to run back to mommy and daddy when i need them..

growing up is scary.. but i am excited to move on to this next step.. yet scared at the same time ;) haha. its been a jumble of emotions that i am sure will all settle out in time.

but of course prayers are ALWAYS appreciated. tons of things are happening this semester and i am convinced that only God is going to be able to get me through this in tact with my sanity.

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