Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miscellaneous Wednesday Night

Tonight is one of those nights where I really don't have a single complete thought about anything. I start to write about one thing then I want to write about another. So I have decided to write about a couple of things that I have been on my mind recently that really have no relation to each other what so ever.

Number One - Occupy Wallstreet.

Alright, we've all heard about the millions of people of people that have been living out in the streets protesting the injustice of.. well everything.

Ok I know this video is extremely ridiculous. and yes a lot of people have real legitimate concerns about the government and how it is run but heres the problem. When there are SO many voices screaming about so many different things - how do you expect the government to listen/respond? Its impossible. If the Occupy Wallstreet movement really wanted to see things done then they need a united front. I think that if they all rallied for one thing, the government would have to listen. And once that had been dealt with move to the next thing. - hey just my opinion.. maybe i like organization too much.


 any one?? because the muppets were my FAVORITE tv show EVER!! I love the Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, The Muppet Movie.. geeeze. I love them all. seriously you can ask anyone. my favorite is how they dance... is that weird?? I love kermit and miss piggy.. and rizzo the rat.. and of course gonzo.. ah. my DREAM would be if they still have the muppet show and i could be the guest on the show.. that would be so COOL (squeak!)

Number Three.. THANKSGIVING!

This year Jacob and I are having Thanksgiving down in South Texas with his family and we are SO excited!! Jacob really misses his family since he's moved up here and I don't blame him at all! Family is so important and is such a great support system that I know its extremely hard for him not to be closer. and besides, his family is AWESOME! its so much fun to be able to know that the family you are marrying into are so supportive, sweet, and SO much fun. I just can't wait to see them in a couple of weeks!!

Oh and speaking of Thanksgiving. CELEBRATE ONE THING AT A TIME!! its thanksgiving. the day AFTER thanksgiving I will play christmas music but NOT ONE DAY SOONER! :) - sorry. pet peeve.

And thats it. Ha. I told you nothing I had to say was related at all.. except by the fact that I had been thinking about those things recently :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful November!!

lots of love -


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  1. I would like to say AMEN! about the Christmas music!! I've just been SUPER ANGRY about it! Haha...Why walmart?? Why? Thanksgiving is a wonderful deserves some love. Just want to let you know I'm on that soap box with ya... :)