Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Holidays are back!! And now after a successful and might I say wonderful Thanksgiving with Jacob's family it's time to start kicking it into high gear for CHRISTMAS!! woo hoo! Santa! Food! Lights! Cold! Food! Family!  Food!... FOOD.

Geeze thats the problem huh? Where did all of my gusto for being fit and thin for my wedding go?! Well I actually know.. I LOVE FOOD and the Holidays are the WORST!

Seriously. It's not that I eat because I have too.. it's because I seriously enjoy eating. Food is just.. so GOOD.

I realized how bad it was when Jacob and I were discussing honeymoon destinations with our Travel Agent in Corpus Christi. I got SO excited about all inclusive packages not because of where it was but because... FOOD IS FREE!! haha. oh geeze. Just talking about it makes me so excited!

We are planning to go somewhere tropical and all I could think about was free drinks, free food, anytime, to our room, to the beach AH!

Now thats not the ONLY thing that I'm looking forward to of course. GEEZE. Don't make me say it.

BUT! Jacob did have a good point. I might as well work out and get fit so I am more comfortable on the beach in a swim suit THAT WAY I can ENJOY the food and not be self conscious for eating so much deliciously tropically goodness. It can be like a reward for being so healthy. HA! Sometimes that boy really gets me. AND he knows what I really care about even when I don't want to care about it then.. confusing huh?

But back to Holidays.. I'll be needing TONS and TONS of prayer if I am to make it through this holiday without stuffing my face with all the christmas goodies!! And the fact that somehow when it's cold outside I really just don't want to leave my house!! ... blah! - I feel like I'm a hibernating bear or something.. :/

Well theres my rant.. I write this as I am REALLY regretting the Chick Fillet I just ate.. oh dear.

I might just need a Christmas Miracle.


  1. Ooh check out this new header/background/pics! So cute girl! I've been working on mine and it's driving me CRAZY. And I feel you. I've been dieting for a while you know? And Christmas is going to be THE DEATH OF MY WILLPOWER.

  2. Rachel! Love the fun title fonts!
    When I first read it though I thought it was "Fod" like fodder? haha
    It made me feel dumb.
    Anyway! You are going to look gorgeous and fabulous! Dont get too worked up over it though. I kicked my butt with a personal trainer before my wedding but you couldnt tell because all the stress of life kept me from shedding anything.
    Jacobs going to be all over your hottness! ;)

  3. AWww thanks girls!! and yes I've been trying to shake things up with some new backgrounds :) haha and CLAIRE - I've been thinking about getting a personal trainer next semester.. just to get in shape.. but i thought you looked super good so I'm all over that idea. And abby.. your and my willpower should join forces! haha. GEEZE.