Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Engagement Pictures!!

Well it finally happened. Me and Jacob had engagement pictures by the WONDERFUL Brynne Owen (you should totally check her out on facebook - Brynne Owen Photography) and even though I was in SUPER high stress mode and a little tense the pictures came out wonderuflly! SO here are a few that are MY favorite :) if you haven't seen the rest look on facebook!!

{I think this one is super sweet}

{Trying to calm me down.. haha}

{My personal favorite.. well one of them anyways}

{Looks like I highlighted my hair BUT i totally didn't.. its just that beautiful} haha 




{Look at those baby blues!!}

{totally awkward kisses in front of a camera.. for me a least} 

{Another one of my favorites - and Jacob's super cool outfit that he picked out for us}

{My family LOVES this one!! - seriously.. they're ridiculous}

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  1. I love that you love them! It makes my heart super happy!!! :))